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August 13, 2018 - par Magazine Chef & Co.

Here at UEAT, we make restaurant owners’ lives easier by creating innovative, user-friendly online ordering systems. We design smart and effective ordering tools that enable generation of even more revenue, all while securing restaurant owners’ profit margin.


How We Help Restaurant Owners Generate More Revenue


1. Online Orders



Online orders allow one in five restaurants to double its take-out revenue. Each order averages a 20 to 30% increase in size via this technology. Hence the reason to use the best online ordering system available.



Adding online ordering will help your staff's efficiency and ultimately increase your customer base.

UEAT acts as a complement that easily integrates to your restaurant’s Point Of Sale (Veloce, MaitreD’, Lightspeed, PosiTouch, and others) and to your website. Simply put, our tool doesn’t require the purchase of any additional equipment, as the orders are sent directly to the kitchen, no double entry required. This way, your employees don’t need to change their work habits.


Still wondering if you’re going to take the leap? Let our 9 reasons to adopt an online ordering platform for your restaurant convince you.


For your clients, it all comes down to 3 simple, quick, intuitive, and fun steps! UEAT’s online ordering platform allows your customers to order at any time, from anywhere, and according to any desired pick-up time directly on your restaurant’s website. No use for a user account, an app download, nor for a password creation: all they need to do is select the item they want, geolocate the nearest branch, and pay… easy as one-two-three!



Plus, unlike market places (apps that regroup several restaurants), UEAT’s online ordering platform keeps your customers on your website.


Want to know more? Ask for a demo and see everything UEAT can do for your restaurant.



2. The Self-Service Ordering Kiosk


Self-service kiosks are the new trend for restaurants. The numbers speak for themselves: 80% of customers choose to order through a kiosk if it can save them from waiting in line. This thus increases clients’ satisfaction, but also, and most importantly, the order size, with 20% of clients adding items to their order based on the kiosk’s suggestions.





Such tech tools also allow restaurant owners to assign their employees to value-added tasks: every 100 orders taken through kiosks or online ordering platforms save up to 2 hours and 30 minutes of one employee’s time!



Learn more about UEAT


UEAT enables all types of restaurants to offer the best technology, at a price that fits their needs. Visit our website to learn more about our online ordering system and self-service kiosks’ prices. UEAT’s Customer Success team also remains available at all times to help with these tools so that all you have to do is focus on what you’re best at: catering.


For more information, visit ueat.io.


Speak to an agent now.


Mile Public House Laval

May 23, 2018 - By Magazine Chef & Co.

For five years, Mile Public House has thrived in Brossard’s Dix30 with their elevated craft cocktails, delicious pub food, relaxed chalet wood decor, locally renowned mixologists, and, a lively atmosphere that has kept their clientele coming back for more. With countless requests to expand outside of Brossard, Mile Public House is proud to announce that they have expanded north of the city, with two brand-new locations in Blainville & Laval!


With their cocktail program spearheaded by locally renowned mixologist and Mile Public House co-owner, Manny Vides Jr., the pub always ensures that they are at the top when it comes to their cocktail menu. In fact, when it comes to their cocktail ingredients, almost everything is made from scratch; simple syrups, fruit purées, fresh herbs (which they grow on-site), honey, garnishes – you name it! With their cocktail menu changing twice a year (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer), the pub consistently introduces new drinks based on the season, while ensuring to keep year-round customer favourites.


What differentiates Mile Public House Laval from their other locations is their four seasons terrasse. Equipped with heated floors, heaters on the roof, and a breathtaking fire pit to complement their overarching “chalet theme”, the pub is one of the few restaurants in Quebec that offers this. Functioning at -20 degrees or +30 degrees, customers don’t need to wait until summer to enjoy a delicious mojito on a terrasse, they simply need to make their way down to Mile Public House Laval!


Similar to their mantra with cocktail crafting; the chefs at Mile Public House try to make everything from scratch whenever possible. This includes their; homemade mayos, 24-hour cooked homemade poutine sauce, etc. With their Quebec-inspired pub menu changing on a bi-seasonal basis (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer), Mile Public House is not only known for their craft cocktails but also for their tasty and consistent food.


To fully comprehend the meaning behind Mile Public House is, one must understand the story behind its beginnings. For generations, locals in Brossard “go-to hang out” was a woodsy area housing a large poplar tree known as “The Quarter Mile”. It was named as such, since everyone who came had to walk a quarter mile from the train tracks to get there. Under the tree; long-lasting memories formed – they drank, they ate, they had their first kiss, they laughed, they sang, their friendships grew. A few years ago, with Brossard’s evolving urbanization, locals found out that the tree was to be cut down. This is when four friends got together and decided that these long-lasting memories formed around this tree would not go to waste, so they bought it and they used the wood from that very tree to construct their pub – Mile Public House. Today, Mile Public House is given life through this pub as the owners spread their first mission to honour the poplar.


Mile Public House Laval

2565 Boulevard Daniel-Johnson, Laval

(450) 681-5544




Maille’s Vineyard Selection Mustards

May 17, 2018 - By Magazine Chef & Co.




Mustard connoisseurs, chefs, and wine enthusiasts alike will scramble to get their hands on La Maison Maille’s NEW, limited edition Vineyard Selection mustards that combine the quality and refinement of classic Maille mustards with “le bon gout” of carefully selected French wines. The first of their kind on the market, the two Maille Dijon mustard creations will blend Maille’s fine Original mustard with Sauvignon and the brand’s bestselling Wholegrain Mustard with Pinot Noir to add a taste of luxury to every dish they meet.


In creating the innovative, new mustards, Maille sommeliers substituted the company’s prized vinegar in both their Traditional Dijon Originale and Wholegrain mustard recipes, with two of France’s most popular wines. The herbaceous flavours of Sauvignon from the south of France, with notes of bell pepper, gooseberry, grass, peach, and green apple, round out the idiosyncratic piquancy of their classic Dijon. Maille’s Wholegrain Mustard was also made-over with the addition of Pinot Noir out of Burgundy, one of the country’s most elegant and highly prized wines in the world. The addition of the classic, full-bodied red lends the mustard a complexity of flavour owing to its palate-dominating berry notes alongside the subtleties of cinnamon, clove, mushroom, and even leather.


Both perfectly balanced mustards promise to add personality to any meal they are part of. Cooking with wine in general, adds acidity to a dish, which in turn, heightens the other flavours, and the same holds true when cooking with mustard. Therefore, the Vineyard Selection range from Maille packs a one-two punch in the kitchen, enhancing sauces, marinades, salad dressings, and more. Just as in pairing wine, the light citrus notes of the Dijon with Sauvignon tastes best with fish, chicken, and seafood, while the bolder, fruit and spice notes of Maille Wholegrain with Pinot Noir meets its gustatory match in red meat. But there’s no need to get complicated, either. “While both mustards are wonderful in a variety of recipes, they also shine straight out of the jar on your favourite sandwich,” explains Harry Lalousis, in-house mustard sommelier at Maille. “A smear of either one of the new mustards changes an ordinary sandwich into a gourmet creation.”





Two recipes that perfectly compliment Maille's Vineyard Selection Mustards:


Maille Sommelier Sauvignon Blanc-crusted cod


  • 1/3 cup (5 tbsp) Maille Sommelier Sauvignon blanc mustard
  • 1 cup fresh breadcrumbs
  • Zest of 1 lemon (cut into wedges and use to garnish)
  • 4 sustainable, skin-on cod fillets

*Recommended side: baby potatoes, or pasta with olive oil drizzle


Cooking Instructions:

Combine Maille Sauvignon Blanc mustard, breadcrumbs and lemon zest in a small bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper. Put cod fillets on a small roasting tray, skin-side down, then spread a quarter of the mustard mixture over each one. Preheat the oven to 400°F/ 200°C, once the oven is fully heated, bake for 15-17 mins or until fully cooked (golden brown). Garnish with lemon wedges. Serves 4.





Roasted Chicken in Maille Pinot Noir mustard
and Pear sauce


  • 2 large chicken breasts
  • 1/2 cup (8 tbsp) Maille Pinot Noir wholegrain mustard
  • 4 peeled and cored pears
  • 2 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 1 large onion
  • 2 tbsp butter

*Recommended side: grilled vegetables, risotto or brown rice served with mustard & pear sauce


Cooking Instructions:

Place a cast iron cocotte on medium heat, add butter and onions to simmer. Proceed to cook the chicken and brown on both sides. Then, add pears, Maille Pinot Noir mustard and water, as well as salt, pepper and thyme sprigs. Allow to simmer for 30 mins on low-medium heat. Serves 2.





March 21, 2018

FlagFranchise for franchisors, is a digital matching platform designed to build an effective candidate pool to select the best match for your banner. It uses data-driven algorithms to narrow down the list and identify your perfect fit based on 7 key franchisee performance factors:

  • Budget
  • Expectations
  • Skills & experience
  • Affinities
  • Entrepreneurial profile
  • Lifestyle
  • Desired market


FlagFranchise offers several subscription packages to meet the specific needs of franchisors of various sizes. Set up your profile.


FlagFranchise can, help all restaurateurs who want to start a network of franchises. Their experts will guide you through each step.


FlagFranchise for franchise candidates, is a business matching tool that helps entrepreneurs find their ideal franchise opportunities consistent with their values and interests, and thus promotes cohesion between the parties. This algorithm uses 7 key selection criteria to measure the compatibility of franchisors with the expectations and aspirations of prospective franchisees. It's that simple! Set up your profile at FlagFranchise. It's free and implies no commitment on your part! This secure and confidential tool will continuously screen available franchise opportunities to identify the ones that are in line with your requirements. You can have a closer look at the brands that caught your eye, and send a request directly to the franchisor of your choice.




Email : info@flagfranchise.com









McCormick, a global leader in flavour, released the much anticipated 2018 Flavour Forecast™. This annual report is a comprehensive look at the latest ingredients, cooking techniques and culinary ideas driving what’s next in flavour at restaurants, on retail shelves and in home kitchens.


Discover the Flavours of 2018

1. Handheld Flavour Fusion – Take to the streets for the latest fusing of global cuisines. Carts, trucks and food halls are merging high-flavour fillings with unique crepes, buns and breads for loaded street fare you eat with your hands.


  • Sizzling Egg Crepes: Called jianbing in China and dan bing in Taiwan, these thin pancakes are griddled, filled and rolled up like a burrito. Stuff these Asian wraps with regional American tastes like smoky pork, crisp slaw and tangy sauce for a Southern twist.

  • Gyros Meet Arepas: Arepas are the taco-sandwich hybrid you must try. Split and fill these crispy corn cakes with sliced meat, veggies and spicy tzatziki sauce – It’s a blissful union of the best tastes and textures South America and Greece have to offer.

  • Dessert Bao Buns: In China, these soft, steamed buns are typically served up savoury. But, with a simple dough and classic pie fillings, you can create the ultimate handheld dessert–like a British banoffee pie bao with bananas, cream, cinnamon and toffee.




2. A Bite of East Africa – East African cuisine is a treasure trove of flavour. The signature seasonings, BBQ marinades and sauces of Tanzania and Ethiopia are being explored across the globe.


  • Berbere Spice Blend: Ethiopia’s most popular seasoning contains an array of spices like paprika, allspice, coriander, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and red pepper. Its hot, sweet and citrusy flavour lends richness to whatever it touches, whether rubbed on meats, stirred into soups and stews, or sprinkled onto lentils and veggies.

  • Tanzanian BBQ: These meat skewers, called mishkaki, are similar to shish kebabs. The traditional marinade blends lemon, tomatoes and green papaya to tenderize the meat, while curry, garlic, red pepper and ginger add bold flavour.






3. Japanese Izakaya Eats – Sushi isn’t the only bite-sized food Japan has to offer. Izakayas (Japanese gastropubs) serve up casual tasting plates, similar to Spanish tapas. Featuring bold glazes, seaweed seasonings and tangy dipping sauces, these dishes are an explosion of flavour.

  • Miso Sake Yakitori Glaze: It’s all about the glaze. This tangy, sweet and savoury sauce adds excitement to grilled chicken and seafood skewers. Brush on to instantly impress dinner guests with a distinctive char and bright, glossy look.

  • The Essential Furikake Seasoning: In Japan, furikake is sprinkled on everything from rice and noodles to veggies and seafood. This coarse mixture of seaweed, sesame, dried seafood, sugar and salt offers umami deliciousness and a subtle, sweet flavour.

  • Onigiri– Stuffed Rice Balls: Rice balls filled with flavourful goodness are served in almost every izakaya in Japan. Stuff them with ginger & plum vinegar-infused chicken for a sweet and zesty snack.





4. Drink to Your Wellness – Wellness never tasted so good. Breakfast boosts, snacking soups and end-of-day sips feature robust flavours and uplifting ingredients like cucumber, dandelion greens, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper. Awaken, stay energized, rebalance and, above all, enjoy.

  • The Morning Jumpstart: Swap your coffee for a wake-up call that’s packed with tart green apples, refreshing cucumbers, tangy-sweet clementines and a bold kick of cayenne.

  • The Afternoon Soup: Power through your day with a drinkable soup. Oyster mushrooms, avocado, thyme and sage provide satisfying flavour for the ultimate pick-me-up.

  • The Evening Elixir: Rebalance after a busy day. For the ultimate replenishing mocktail, muddle fresh pineapple with ginger, turmeric and dandelion greens, then top with a splash of sparkling water.









5. Globetrot with Hot Pot – Throw an Asian hot pot party and leave the cooking to your guests. Gather friends around a steamy pot of deeply flavoured broth. Offer meat, seafood and veggies for dunking, then finish with various toppings for a new DIY meal. This East Asian favourite can be easily changed up to go Mexican, Caribbean and more.


  • Puebla Hot Pot: Steeping ancho chili, smoked paprika and spices in chicken stock gives this Central Mexican-inspired hot pot a smoky, savoury taste. Use it to cook chicken or pork, and finish with corn, avocado crema and fresh garnishes for a festive feast.

  • West Indies Hot Pot: This hot pot features an amazing spiced coconut milk broth. Bay leaves, thyme, turmeric and allspice add intense flavour to the broth, which quickly cooks the seafood. Top it off with a chili papaya pica sauce and plantain chips for a Caribbean vacation right in your kitchen.




To learn more about the flavours of 2018, including recipes and tips for tasting them now, visit FlavourForecast.ca.


December 15, 2017

Café Baba Yaga:

Eastern European treats in the heart of St-Henri

January 19, 2018 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

On the bustling streets of St-Jacques, lies Café Baba Yaga – a brand new restaurant inspired by Eastern European cuisine and folklore (3279 St-Jacques West, St-Henri). Available for a fast dine-in or take-out, Café Baba Yaga offers a variety of traditional Eastern European comfort dishes, with a modern and fresh twist. Serving everything from pierogis, cabbage rolls, paczkis (polish donuts), borscht, latkes and, more – Café Baba Yaga is committed to bringing a modern take on Eastern European treats.


Café Baba Yaga is the latest restaurant brought to you by the Restaurant L’Orignal team. Inspired by cofounder Monika Terlecki’s Polish upbringing, the dishes served at the restaurant stem from Monika’s mother’s homemade recipes, her family recipe books, and recipes from her Russian & Ukrainian relatives. As Monika explains, “I’ve always wanted to pay homage to the food I loved growing up – the Polish comfort food from my childhood. Then, last year, I was sifting through a book about female characters in Eastern European folklore and, I came across the story of Baba Yaga and Vasilla, The Beautiful. It felt like the universe was giving me a direction and Café Baba Yaga was born!


The name «Baba Yaga» derives from Eastern European folklore where Baba Yaga is known to be an immortal spirit living in the form of an old woman. She inhabits a cabin that walks the woods on chicken legs or, one chicken leg. She flies around in a pestle and mortar. Although her tales have all sorts of gory ends, her true nature is ambiguous. Her tales tell of people coming looking for something from her. It goes that if you are pure of heart in what you want, Baba Yaga will always give it to you, always with some immortal irony attached. Be careful what you wish for!


Upon walking into the café, one will immediately take notice to the dark and enchanting décor and accents reflective of a modern-day witches’ kitchen. This includes; a Baba Yaga chicken leg house ornament hanging from the ceiling, black walls, wood accents and finishes, as well as whimsical florals and plants adorning the space – resulting in a café that is both mystical yet inviting. With counter-top seating (17 seats in total), Café Baba Yaga invites customers to enjoy a quick and easy breakfast, lunch or early dinner at the restaurant or, opt for take-out, where customers can enjoy Café Baba Yaga dishes in the comfort of their own home, office, you name it!


As mentioned above, Café Baba Yaga’s menu offers a modern take on various Eastern European staple dishes. This includes four types of pierogis on the menu (including dessert pierogis), as well as an additional “surprise pierogi of the week”; where the contents of the surprise pierogi will never be divulged! The café also offers a variety of daily pastries, perfect for both breakfast or an afternoon snack including; paczkis (Polish doughnuts with a variety of fillings ranging from; plum, cream, cherry, chocolate, and more!), rogaliki (Russian rugelach), sharlotka (Russian apple pie), to name but a few. Furthermore, the menu boasts a variety of soups and salads, cabbage rolls (both vegan and meat), sandwiches, bigos, latkes, and several daily specials! With the addition of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, there is something for everyone at Café Baba Yaga, waiting to be discovered!


Instagram: www.instagram.com/babayagamtl

Facebook: www.facebook.com/babayagamtl




First came Le Red Tiger Vietnamese Pub, next there was Kamehameha Snack-Bar and now, there is Le Blossom! The latest establishment spearheaded by restauranteur Dan Pham and his partners, Le Blossom Bar, like its predecessors, is a unique concept introduced to Montreal’s “The Village” neighbourhood (1101 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est). Specializing in private-import sake, traditional handrolls, local wines, “new style” Japanese dishes and, traditional tempura, to name but a few.


Within Le Blossom’s enchanting décor is a sprawling 28-seat bar that will provide customers with a traditional Japanese handroll experience. Unlike regular sushi, handrolls are meant to be consumed immediately after being made. At Le Blossom, customers are encouraged to take a seat at the bar, where their waiter will double as their chef. The handrolls will then be created on-site where customers will be urged to immediately consume it in order to savour the taste of the crispy nori, the warm vinegar rice, the premium quality fish – all accompanied by a selection of homemade sauces that will further enhance this traditional gastronomical experience. Not in the mood for a handroll? No need to worry! Le Blossom’s menu further offers a variety of “new style” Japanese dishes – such as sashimis and specialty chef rolls, udon noodles, soups and salads, as well as a Tempura Bar with an array of tempura options -each served with its own suggested homemade dipping sauce.


Being a Sake Bar, Le Blossom has partnered with various Canadian private import agencies who specialize in the importation of sake from Japan. With that being said, Le Blossom houses an assortment of 20+ sakes, that is constantly evolving – appealing to all sake-lovers out there! The restaurant also offers a range of carefully selected local wines, as well as Le Blossom-themed cocktails, developed by locally renowned mixologist - Lawrence Picard.


Next there is Le Blossom’s breathtaking décor and interior – created by none other than Guillaume Ménard of Atelier Mainor. With Le Blossom Bar, Guillaume and the owners had a unique objective - to create a distinctive décor that stands out against all others. Therefore, they sought out a design that was both modern and minimalistic – a Neo-Japanese décor that draws on the aesthetic from the 1982 movie “Blade Runner”. The “cherry on top” is, however, the sprawling Cherry Blossom Tree that lives in the middle of the restaurant – adding even more of an allure to this already exceptional place.


Le Blossom is open 6 days a week, where, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant will be open until 2am. Customers are encouraged to come in at any time, whether it is for an early bite, late-night dinner, or, even sake and snacks with friends - all within a refined and relaxed atmosphere! So, get ready Montrealers, because the city’s first-ever Neo-Japanese Handroll & Sake Bar awaits!






Le Blossom:
Neo-Japanese Handroll & Sake Bar

February 5, 2018 - par Magazine Chef & Co.


August 31st - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Montreal-based Japanese restaurant chain RYÚ is proud to announce the opening of their fourth and latest location - RYÚ Sushi Bar, situated in the heart of the bustling Golden Square Mile (1468 Peel Street). Setting it apart from their three other locations, RYÚ Peel is both a high quality and casual sushi bar, placing heavy emphasis on traditional nigiri and pre-determined omakase menu options, as well as their intricately designed take-out bento boxes. As in all their other locations, RYÚ Peel is committed to providing daily fresh fish that is 100% sustainable and/or origin certified, while offering a superior sushi experience in a relaxed setting and atmosphere.


In addition to the their omakases and nigiris, RYÚ Peel offers a mouth-watering selection of pokes, makis, saki, wine and beer. Open seven days a week, customers are encouraged to experience the restaurant however they see fit - take-out, pick-up, delivery, eating-in, dining-out…RYÚ Peel offers it all!


Integrated with the opening of their latest location, is the introduction of RYÚ’s specially-designed recyclable takeout bento boxes which, includes a detailed condiment guide of suggested sauces to pair with each nigiri and sushi roll – all resulting in an fun and appealing take-out experience!


The continued expansion of RYÚ throughout Montreal is a direct result of their overall mission, “The RYÚ Mission”: a commitment to their customers to provide nutritious and delicious dishes that not only taste great, but also feel great to eat, inside and out. The restaurant takes great pride in serving only the freshest fish, delivered every morning, accompanied by rice prepared daily following strict Japanese tradition.


Their mission is further realized via their strong commitment to the environment, which they have coined “Eating RYÚ”. This is built on three core principles of sustainability, beginning with, food sustainability – where all the fish and seafood served are certified 100% sustainable and/or origin verified. This means that all fish and seafood is either wild caught or farmed responsibly and, is certified by either Ocean Wise, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, Best Aquaculture Practices or, another third-party verification that meets RYÚ’s standards. Through this commitment, RYU itself has also been certified by Ocean Wise. In fact, RYÚ’s menu features a glossary section; detailing exactly where the various fish and seafood are caught.


The second principle is based on waste sustainability –a commitment to compost whenever possible. Furthermore, all of RYÚ’s packaging is made from 100% recyclable and compostable materials!


The third and final principle is of community sustainability - RYÚ is in partnership with Meal Share, whereby they donate a percentage of their monthly sales to help underprivileged children receive meals.


Caring about what you eat and enjoying the experience to the fullest, this is the RYÚ Mission…this is, Eating RYÚ!



1468 Peel Street, Montreal

(514) 446-1468




Kamehameha: Montreal’s first ever Hawaiian snack bar!

July 28th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Since July, Montreal’s restaurant scene has welcomed a new player in town, and it’s unlike anything the city has seen before: Kamehameha Snack-Bar (1190 Ste-Catherine Street East) - Montreal’s first ever Hawaiian snack bar. Brought to you by the owners behind the ever-so-popular Vietnamese pub, Le Red Tiger, Kamehameha offers light and fast meals inspired by Oahu’s North Shore surfing culture. Come in, kick-back, and relax, as you savour on everything from poke to acai bowls, smoothies, Hawaiian-inspired snacks and ice cream and, so much more!


To understand the restaurant’s concept, one must first understand the meaning behind the word “Kamehameha” (pronounced Ka-mei-ha-mei-ha). The name refers to the Kamehameha Highway - the main highway that spans the North Shore of Oahu, where you’ll find picturesque beaches perfect for surfing. It also represents King Kamehameha The Great - the founder and first ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii, who conquered and unified all the Hawaiian Islands. Kamehameha is a word that represents Hawaii in its beauty and totality, and, therefore, it comes as no surprise why Kamehameha’s owners chose this word to depict their restaurant.


Kamehameha’s menu consists of fresh, flavourful and light menu items, and even boasts a couple of vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. As co-owner Dan Pham explains – “We decided to open a Hawaiian snack bar inspired by Hawaiian cuisine, with a touch of Japanese influence, all while focusing on fresh and flavourful food choices. The goal is to provide an experience worthy of the Hawaiian Islands through our kitchen and décor.” On top of their delicious poke,

smoothie, and acai bowl choices, the menu will feature other Hawaiian-inspired snacks and specialties. Take the spam musubi for instance – unique to Kamehameha, it is one of Hawaii’s most popular snacks consisting of grilled spam on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with nori. Another specialty item that will have everyone talking is their taiyaki – a Japanese fish-shaped ice cream waffle cone. The taiyaki is filled with a variety of Hawaiian and Japanese flavours - pineapple, coconut, matcha, black sesame (and more!) - ice cream cones that will make for one very Instagram-worthy picture!


The restaurant’s concept was further brought to life by interior designer Guillaume Menard of Atelier Mainor. With Kamehameha, Guillaume worked with the owners to create a tropical, modern and laid-back décor, accented with an array of pink hues greatly inspired by the Wes Anderson movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.


As mentioned above, Dan Pham, is the genius behind Kamehameha Snack-Bar. A concept that has been years in the making, the restaurant is inspired by Dan’s yearly trips to the North Shore and his fascination with its relaxed surfing culture and cuisine. With over fourteen years of experience in the restaurant business, Dan is also the co-owner of Le Red Tiger. Next, there is partner and co-owner Phong Thach, Kamehameha’s Executive Chef, is co-owner of La Prairie’s restaurant SOGEN, as well as a co-owner of Le Red Tiger. With one successful partnership, already under their belt, this dynamic duo is getting ready to, once again, conquer Montreal’s restaurant scene.


1190 Ste-Catherine East, Montreal

(514) 303-0550






July 18th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

From the original hot sauce company comes a new versatile Asian Style Sauce. The latest addition to the iconic TABASCO® family of flavours, TABASCO® SWEET & Spicy, joins the line to add an exotic taste to a variety of foods.


Available across Canada in September, McIlhenny Company pours nearly 150 years of expertise into a delicious combination of Asian spices that perfectly complement the flavour of TABASCO® peppers. TABASCO® SWEET & Spicy consists of a blend of Original TABASCO® Pepper Sauce with ginger, garlic, onion and spices, resulting in a subtle flavour sensation known as “sweet heat.” Measuring between 100-600 Scoville Heat Units, the sauce stands as the mildest in the brand’s family of flavours.


“While we are known for making world-famous pepper sauces since 1868, we are also constantly innovating to offer new and exciting products that recognize global food trends and integrate with every culture and cuisine on the planet” said Diana D’Elia, brand manager of Tabasco at ID Foods. “We’re proud to bring a completely different taste treat to our Canadian fans.”


TABASCO® SWEET & Spicy features a thick texture and mild heat that make it the first TABASCO® sauce that’s also perfect for dipping. But it proves to be a much more versatile addition to any shopping list. Use it as glaze when grilling meats, as a traditional “splash on” condiment to enhance your favourite foods, as an ingredient in salad dressings and stir-fries, and for basting chicken, pork or shrimp. Made of ingredients from both the far East and southern Louisiana, this new sauce opens up a world of possibilities. So, very easy to add it to all your daily recipes. You will love it!


For more information on TABASCO®, please visit www.TABASCOcanada.ca.





• 1/2 cup TABASCO® brand SWEET & Spicy Pepper Sauce

• 1/4 cup chicken broth

• 2 tablespoons soy sauce

• 1 tablespoon cornstarch

• 4 skinless boneless chicken breast halves,

cut crosswise into 1/2-inch-wide strips

• Salt and pepper to taste

• 3 tablespoons vegetable oil

• 1 tablespoon minced garlic

• 1 tablespoon chopped peeled fresh ginger

• 2 cups broccoli florets

• 1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced

• 1 medium onion, thinly slice



Whisk TABASCO® SWEET & Spicy Sauce, chicken broth, soy sauce, and cornstarch in small bowl until cornstarch dissolves; set aside. Season chicken with salt and pepper. Heat vegetable oil in heavy large skillet over high heat.


Add garlic and ginger and stir until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add chicken to skillet and stir-fry until white, about 2 minutes. Add broccoli florets, bell pepper, onion, and stir-fry until vegetables are crisp-tender and chicken is just cooked through, about 3 minutes.


Add chicken broth mixture and bring to boil, stirring constantly. Cook until sauce thickens, about 1 minute. Stir in chopped scallions. Serve with rice.


BYC : A Yacht Club for Discriminating Palates

June 29th, 2017 - by Michael Reilley

Throughout the ages, and over any waters or land they may be, sailors have always enjoyed their daily ration of rum, or any other fine beverage. At the Beaconsfield Yacht Club (BYC), which is fully licensed, not only can they continue to enjoy this ritual at the Club (never on the water) following a hard day’s sailing on Lac Saint-Louis, but they can also obtain fine, gourmet dining at the club’s outdoor patio. In fact, rumour from reliable sources has it the food provided is some of the finest of all Montréal yacht and sailing clubs. This is all due to the creative efforts of Michael Chave, 58, the Club’s relatively new and talented chef who has been at BYC for three years, this summer.


The Chef - Michael Chave

From the Culinary classrooms and top restaurants in Toronto to the top military-style organized and run hotels of Montréal, this chef has enjoyed and endured a lifestyle for those with a passionate mind.


Shortly after completing high school, Michael became a pot washer at the Holiday Inn, in Pointe-Claire, Québec, a modest beginning to a 28-year career that saw him work as a cook, chef and restaurant consultant for many restaurants, fine restaurants, major hotels, own his own catering companies, and be Chef at three large sailing and yacht clubs in Montréal...


In 1991, he was awarded the cooking award at Le Grand Salon D’art Culinaire du Québec while working at Montréal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel as a First Commis Chef. He eventually reached Chef de partie position a few times before leaving the hotel on his own accord.


However, like most of us at one time or other in our lives, luck did not always shine upon Michael Chave. Due to a youthful indiscretion as a young man, Michael lost his first job in 1979. Although a profound barrier, this did not stop him! With the assistance of family friends, and Jim Ross - former owner of the Willow Inn in Hudson, Québec – Michael began a summer job there in 1980. "That’s where I met the Chef who would change my life – Chris Bolen - a chef from Toronto fresh out of cooking school. His words of encouragement were what I needed to feel good about myself again. I was 22 at the time and like any young person with really no direction to what to do in life, I adopted Chris as my big brother figure," says Michael. At Mr. Bolen’s suggestion, Michael Chave decided to acquire his Cooking Management Diploma at George Brown Culinary College in Toronto and obtained his diploma in 1991. "It was at that time that I joined the Queen Elizabeth Hotel for three years," he adds. The rest is history.


Best culinary creation

Michael is extremely creative. One of his best creations, throughout his career, is: fresh salmon with mushroom stuffing in a puff-pastry narrow envelope shape wrapped around a ½-inch pipe to cook (after cooking, replace the space made by the pipe with one asparagus stick) and serve with white butter sauce.


Philosophy about being a Chef

When asked what his philosophy was about being a Chef, he replied: "you should have some artistic/cooking talent. If not, you may not reap the glorious rewards and adventures that a cooking career can offer. You must be strong-headed a bit, and want to get ahead in the kitchen to elevate your position. You absolutely must be a team player, a bit of a funny guy to take the edge off the stressful long hours commonly found in busy kitchens, and only work for the best restaurants or hotels. This can be a brutal experience on your ego sometimes but if you stay with it, you gain so much experience and confidence. At one hotel, I remember they brought me in and spent a year breaking me down, getting rid of all my bad habits, and then spent the next two years building me into a very confident first-class cook, for that I will never be able to thank them enough. Some advice for all cooks in this stressful profession is to keep your eyes open, move around and have fun because it can be the best job in the world!"


New project – Saturday Night suppers

For summer 2017, Michael wants to help the club to generate more participation. He is designing a plan to have club team members cook off during summer Saturdays. His idea is to have teams of two or three - including himself - each time, prepare a Saturday supper, to see who can have the most fun and best comments about their own special creative menus, to be served to the rest of the club members attending one of the scheduled Saturday Night suppers.


About the Beaconsfield Yacht Club

Boating activity on the Club property dates back to 1810. The property passed through several hands and in 1966, the property was deeded to the City of Beaconsfield. The Club operations and infrastructure maintenance are funded via membership fees. Membership is open to everyone.


The Club, which has been rated at "3 anchors" by l'Association maritime du Québec, enjoys deep, safe water at the harbour mouth, and has facilities for 240 members, including space in the harbour for 160 boats and storage for 80 smaller boats on the shore. The Club also supports the community by running an active Junior Squadron that accommodates over 150 young sailors per season. Lessons for adults are also available, two evenings a week.


BYC members enjoy the use of the following facilities:

  • Historic fieldstone clubhouse with covered terrace.
  • Food and beverage service throughout the summer and part-time during winter.
  • Boat marina, with stone breakwater, two entrances, accommodating yachts up to 36 feet with finger docks for every boat.
  • Showers and bathrooms in Clubhouse and at water's edge.
  • Picnic areas and Barbeque facilities for members and their guests.
  • Workshop, etc.


Michael Chave feels that he has been in a pre-arranged marriage that has worked out extremely well. "The Club has been a very nice experience, good comments have been received, and the members have made me feel like I am truly part of this beautiful setting, historical building, quiet, Yacht Club," he concludes.


BYC - www.byc.qc.ca

26 Lakeshore Rd

Beaconsfield, QC



Michael Chave’s bar-b-cue sauce recipe:

  • Cook 1 medium sweet onion with two tablespoons of vegetable oil for three minutes.
  • Add 6 cloves of garlic and two green onions, keep cooking for two minutes more.
  • Add tomato paste, and Jalapeno pepper (4 inch approx.) and cook for two minutes more.
  • Add 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, 4 tablespoons molasses, 450 ml apple juice, 1 cup diced can tomato, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp chipotle sauce. Cook for 5 minutes the puree then simmer for ten minutes.
  • Add salt, pepper, two teaspoons corn starch with water to thicken, simmer for 5 minutes more. Enjoy!!!

Flash Cold Brew from Second Cup Coffee Co.

May 7th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Second Cup, the only Canadian specialty coffee company, reveals its next evolution in iced coffee with the introduction of Flash Cold Brew. The cold coffee category is the fastest growing segment in the market.


“At Second Cup, we’ve made uncompromising improvements to every aspect of our coffee process, from farm to cup, to ensure we’re delivering the best tasting coffee,” says Chris Sonnen, Coffee Expert and Vice President, Coffee Experience, Second Cup Coffee Co.


Second Cup coffee experts chose the Flash Brew method because of its incredible taste. This technique best preserves the freshness, locking in the aromatics and highlighting the flavour profile of the roast. The result? A smooth, sweet, bright and clean taste far superior to traditional iced coffee.


The brand is encouraging Canadians to Rethink the Cold and experience the full flavour and extra smoothness of Flash Cold Brew. Available in three delicious varieties: Classic Black, Vanilla Bean and Mocca. Flash Cold Brew is the perfect everyday favourite for any coffee enthusiast.


For more information, please visit www.secondcup.com.


New $10 Bank Note for the 150th Anniversary of Confederation

April 11th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

On April 7th 2017, the Bank of Canada unveiled a commemorative $10 bank note to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.


The Canada 150 bank note celebrates Confederation with a unique design depicting our history, land and culture. This commemorative note will be available to Canadians through financial institutions starting June 1st and will circulate along with the existing $10 note.


The intricately designed note is unique in many ways. For the first time, four individuals are portrayed on the front of a Canadian bank note: Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir George-Étienne Cartier, Agnes Macphail and James Gladstone or Akay-na-muka—his Blackfoot name. With Parliament’s Hall of Honour in the background, these four parliamentarians remind us that Canada has been shaped by the vision, courage and effort of people of different backgrounds.


Upon circulation, the commemorative note will mark the first time that a Canadian woman and an Indigenous Canadian are depicted as portrait subjects on a Bank of Canada bank note. The design also incorporates Inuit and Metis cultural elements: a colourful reproduction of the artwork Owl’s Bouquet by world-renowned Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak; and the distinctive arrow sash pattern, an important symbol of the Métis nation.


The Canada 150 note also showcases Canada’s natural beauty and unique landscapes. Five different landscapes representing the various regions of Canada are featured on the other side of the note: the Lions/Twin Sisters (Western Canada), a wheat field (Prairie provinces), the Canadian Shield (Central Canada), Cape Bonavista (Eastern Canada) and the Northern lights (Northern Canada).


This commemorative note has some new security features (including a colour-shifting arch depicting an arch found in the Memorial Chamber on Parliament Hill, as well as three-dimensional maple leaves) and others that are similar to the features on the current Polymer series notes. These features make the note easy to check and difficult to counterfeit.


Produced in limited quantity, commemorative notes are designed to mark historic milestones. Since this commemorative note will be issued in relatively small numbers and may be retained by Canadians, its volume and time in circulation may be limited.


Retailers should contact their equipment supplier or manufacturer with any questions about machine compatibility.


For more information: www.bankofcanada.ca/banknote150


Watch the security features video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77mU92zY3wY


Maille Celebrates 270 Years With Bold New Gherkins

March 11th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Canadians are ready to turn up the heat with La Maison Maille’s NEW Extra Hot Cornichons, created exclusively for the Canadian palate. The leading brand of French premium condiments is premiering its newest cornichon flavour: Cayenne Chilli Pepper. These hot bites are opening a new realm of possibilities in the kitchen. These cornichons are packed with a unique crunchiness and bursts of fiery flavour.


These cayenne peppers measure a whopping 308 on the Scoville Heat Unit. The peppery notes and hot flavour added to these cornichons address the current growing consumer trend for spicy, savoury eats. Perfect for younger generations who are looking to add modernity to their meals and participate in a more tasteful experience. Enjoy these tasty cornichons alongside grilled meat, added into sauces, or use them to add unexpected flavour and bold texture in your recipes. Try them as a garnish for cocktails, mixed in with fresh vegetables or add them to a cheese or charcuterie board.


The all new Extra Hot Cornichons will be the fifth addition to the Maille family of cornichons, including the newly launched Caramelized Onion Cornichons. Although Maille cornichons may look like miniature pickles, they’re a tad different and a lot more delicious. Cornichons are smaller and crunchier with a characteristic acidity that lends them their unique, slightly sour taste. Because they can double in size in less than 12 hours, the cucumbers used to make Maille cornichons are monitored closely and hand selected when the concentration of flavour is at its peak. Once harvested, these nubby condiments are placed in vinegar to preserve their freshness and signature crunch until they are bottled and combined with mustard seeds and fresh herbs. Or in this case, hot cayenne peppers. Miam!!!


About La Maison Maille

With 270 years of expertise, La Maison Maille sets the standard for Dijon mustard and is an ambassador of French culinary refinement around the world. Established by Antoine-Claude Maille in 1747, the house of Maille was the official supplier to the Kings of France and many European Royal Courts. Today, Maille is the leading producer of mustard, vinegar and French cornichons in France. It is the attention to detail that sets Maille apart- the carefully selected ingredients, the nuances of the recipes, the expertise in the methods used and the elegant black and gold packaging.


For more information, recipes and videos please visit www.maille.ca.




What Does Your Cereal Say About You !

March 06th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

To celebrate National Cereal Day this Tuesday, March 7, Kellogg Canada shares the first Canadian Survey on the different types of personalities and cereal choices.


Second Cup ReVitalizes its Menu with “Better For You” Items

February 05th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Healthy eating on the go is more convenient than ever with the launch of Second Cup’s new and deliciously nutritious menu of great tasting food and beverages. Second Cup’s Better For You menu offers fresh, nutrient-packed smoothies, breakfast wraps and overnight oats, all made with high-quality ingredients.


The Second Cup Better For You original recipes reduce negatives such as fat and artificial preservatives or colours. They also incorporate more positives such as greens, fibre, whole grains, protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Second Cup’s new menu items will be highlighted in cafés by a green Better For You seal, making it even easier for Second Cup customers to make smart, healthy decisions.


“As part of our dedication to innovate and to ensure we are meeting our customers’ changing needs, we are excited to launch the new Second Cup Better For You menu,” says Vanda Provato, Vice President, Marketing and Category. “Wholesome options can be hard to find for busy people on the go, or those trying to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Our Better For You menu offers nutritious, superior quality food and beverage items that make perfect alternatives for those seeking healthier choices.”


ReVitalize Your Morning. ReEnergize Your Day. Second Cup’s Better For You Menu:


Strawberry Banana Glow Smoothie

Made with fresh bananas, yogurt and flax, this creamy smoothie is filled with vitamins and minerals. (Price: $5.95)


Green Mango Boost Smoothie

Loaded with 11 grams of protein, leafy green kale and spinach, this smoothie is fully loaded with nutrients. (Price: $5.95)


Egg White, Kale and Feta Breakfast Wrap

This protein-packed breakfast wrap is filled with egg whites, kale, feta cheese, sundried tomato and a fresh slice of tomato to ReEnergize you for the day ahead. (Price: $4.25 - $4.95)


Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds

These overnight oats are made with creamy oatmeal and crunchy chia seeds and come served with fresh, low fat strawberry yogurt or low fat mango yogurt. (Price: $3.75; available in select Second Cup cafés)


ReThink your Drink

Beyond the new menu items, it’s easy to customize your favourite Second Cup beverage to make it Better For You. To save calories without losing delicious flavour, Try it Lite by asking your barista for:

∙ Skim milk

∙ Almond milk

∙ Half sweet


Selecting one of these lighter options for milk will reduce your espresso-based beverage by an average of 40 calories. Simply foregoing whipped cream on specialty drinks can save more than 100 calories!


The Better For You menu is available now at Second Cup cafés across Canada.


About Second Cup

Founded in 1975, The Second Cup Ltd. is a Canadian specialty coffee retailer operating over 295 franchised and company owned cafés. The company’s vision is to be the coffee brand most passionately committed to quality and innovation. For more information, please visit www.SecondCup.com.



Kellogg Canada Launches Tasty New Products!

January 29th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

This New Year, Kellogg Canada is debuting delicious new products to satisfy taste buds across the country! From quinoa and dark chocolate to mixed nuts and real fruit pieces, these new products feature real, visible ingredients and appealing flavours to meet the needs of Canadians consumers. The new lineup offers tasty options for cereal and snacking from favourite Kellogg Canada brands, including Kellogg’s Special K, Kellogg’s All-Bran, Kellogg’s Vector and Pringles.


“At Kellogg, consumers are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to deliver new and exciting products that our consumers are demanding and will enjoy,” says Chris Bell, Vice President Marketing, Kellogg Canada Inc.


Deliciously crispy popped granolas

Grounded in the insight that Canadians are looking for tasty granolas that feature real and progressive ingredients, Kellogg’s Special K is adding two new granolas to its beloved Nourish line.


A high source of fibre, Nourish granolas are deliciously crispy and feature popped quinoa, puffed rice, wheat and toasted oats combined with real, visible ingredients. Available in two varieties, Mixed Berries and Dark Chocolate Coconut, these granolas pair perfectly with yoghurt, milk or in a smoothie bowl.


Kellogg’s All-Bran’s latest offering packs delicious flavour and a number of health benefits. High in fibre and low in sodium and fat, new Kellogg’s All-Bran Granola - Cranberry Almond is filled with real raisins, cranberries and almonds and has no artificial flavours or colours.


A bowlful of goodness

Most Canadians only get half of the recommended fibre per day. To help address that fibre deficit, Kellogg’s All-Bran, the most recommended cereal brand by Canadian Dietitians, is introducing new Kellogg’s All-Bran Multi-Grain Crunch cereal. With six grams of fibre per serving, including psyllium fibre, it’s ideal for helping Canadians lower cholesterol, maintain a healthy body weight and promote digestive health. But that’s not all – it contains no artificial flavours or colours, no BHT, and only eight grams of sugar per serving. And, with a hint of natural maple flavour, it tastes great, too!


Real, visible ingredients in every delicious bite

Kellogg Canada is also introducing two new flavours of bars to its popular Special K Nourish lineup to help Canadians #OwnIt. These new varieties — Coconut Cashew & Dark Chocolate and Caramel, Sea Salt & Mixed Nuts — are a source of key essential nutrients, made with no artificial flavours or colours, and feature real, visible, on-trend ingredients such as quinoa and gluten-free oats.


Designed to help Canadians get the nutrition they need for an active life, Kellogg’s Vector Protein bars in new Trail Mix flavour contain a delicious combination of cranberries, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and peanuts. Partially dipped in a smooth chocolatey coating and contain 10 grams of protein per serving, new Vector Protein bars help satisfy hunger and provide energy.


A very Canadian chip flavour

Finally, Ketchup fans can rejoice! Just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday, new Pringles Ketchup Chips have arrived! This uniquely Canadian flavour, available for the first time in the iconic Pringles chip and can, are a bold and irresistible snack, and sure to please taste buds from coast-to-coast.


About Kellogg Canada Inc.

Kellogg Canada is the leading producer of ready-to-eat cereal in Canada. Every day, our beloved brands nourish families so they can flourish and thrive. Through our Breakfasts for Better Days™ global hunger initiative, we’ve provided more than 1.4 billion servings of cereal and snacks to children and families in need around the world.


To learn more about our responsible business leadership, foods that delight and how we strive to make a difference in our communities around the world, visit www.kelloggcompany.com. To learn more about Kellogg Canada’s efforts in these areas, please visit www.kelloggs.ca.


Fifth Edition of La Poutine Week
(February 1st to 7th)

January 26th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.


When visiting Montreal – foodies from around the globe typically seek out the chance to indulge in the province’s most renowned comfort food dish – POUTINE. What they will quickly realize, however, is that poutine can be transformed and presented in many different and inventive ways; involving many more ingredients apart from the typical “cheese, fries, and gravy”-mix. Seeking out the city’s best poutine can become a bit of a challenge, because, let’s face it - there are countless of delicious options out there! Enter – La Poutine Week into the mix – a weeklong food festival.


With around fifty carefully selected restaurants throughout Montreal, and, over one hundred throughout the province of Quebec, participating restaurants must each create a specialty poutine inspired by their cuisine type. Taking place from February 1st until February 7th, each year, participating restaurants will vie with each other for the chance to win one of three annual La Poutine Week awards - The Judge’s Choice”; “The Most Original Poutine”; “The Most Popular Poutine” (where all poutine-lover participants are called upon to vote online www.lapoutineweek.com for their most beloved poutine).


What's New

For the first time ever, La Poutine Week has teamed up with foodora (https://www.foodora.ca/), an on-demand food delivery service that connects foodies to over 250 high-quality restaurants in Montreal. New this year, participating restaurant partners will have the opportunity to compete for "foodora.ca's Foodie Choice Award," awarded to the restaurant whose poutine was delivered the most. Montrealers can visit the foodora website or download the iOS and Android mobile applications to view the curated list of restaurants serving their area. With foodora’s #DeliverAnywhere feature, users and poutine participants can partake in La Poutine Week directly from their home, their work, or anywhere in between, and pay online through foodora’s secure platform. Using promo code POUTINE, foodora is also offering $10 off to new customers who place a minimum order of $20 from participating restaurants including Taberna, Le Gourmet Burger, Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce, Burger Bar Crescent, Le Smoking BBQ, and more.


Two names synonymous with La Poutine Week – Na’eem Adam and Thierry Rassam, the festival’s co-founders, who, after the success of their first-ever food festival, Le Burger Week, decided to launch the poutine-focused festival in Quebec five years back. It was an instantaneous hit – with around 20,000 poutine-lovers across the province flocking towards the participating restaurants across Quebec! Fast-forward five years, the festival has seen an immense growth that now includes multiple participating cities, with over 150 000 participants and 120 participating restaurants across Quebec!


The annual growth surrounding La Poutine Week is twofold – first off, it is the direct result of the economic opportunities that derives from each restaurant’s participation. As co-founder Thierry Rassam explains –“When we first began La Poutine Week our mission was, and still remains, to help stimulate businesses in cities based on this fun, delicious, and adventurous idea.’’ He adds, “Each year, every participating restaurant has greatly benefited from our festival as many restaurants have been known to run out of food and make record sales during La Poutine Week! This surge in sales is especially important during the historically quieter winter months.”


Secondly, As Na’eem Adam explains –“The popularity and consistent growth behind La Poutine Week also stems from the fact that is more than just a food festival. We have technically become the best and only platform out there that provides foodies with an opportunity to seek out the very best poutines that their city has to offer. We are a real and deciding factor in finding the best poutines in our province.”


“As poutine is a symbol of Quebec culture and pride, our goal is for Quebec’s editions of La Poutine Week to become an internationally recognized food festival, where foodies from all across the world will eventually flock to our province to partake in this delicious cultural initiative, and spend a week endlessly indulging in POUTINE!”- Na’eem Adam & Thierry Rassam, La Poutine Week co-founders.



For more information regarding La Poutine Week, please visit www.lapoutineweek.com.


To download foodora, please visit www.foodora.ca.



Co-founders Na’eem Adam and
Thierry Rassam

Le Bird Bar: Chicken, Champagne & Pleasure!

January 6th, 2017 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

The latest addition to Griffintown’s vibrant restaurant scene, is unlike no other, and it’s called…Le Bird Bar (1800 Notre Dame West). Serving lunch, dinner and soon-to-be weekend brunch, Le Bird Bar is a new style fried chicken restaurant that pairs its made-to-order fried chicken with champagne and a plethora of other delectable dishes; with a strong on local and organic ingredients, whenever possible. The first of its kind in Montreal, Le Bird Bar is the latest venture brought to you by celebrity chef Kimberly Lallouz and her faithful partner, a true “dynamic duo”, as she puts it. Providing both a unique and mouth-watering experience, at Le Bird Bar - the bird is the word!


The Concept & Cuisine:

All items on Le Bird Bar’s menu are the creation of co-owner and Executive Chef Kimberly Lallouz. Le Bird Bar’s commitment to using local ingredients whenever possible is evident in their use of high-quality, free-range local vegetable grain-fed chicken from Ferme des Voltigeurs. Yet another unique attribute to Le Bird Bar – they have adopted an eco-chef mentality that boasts 40-60% less grease absorption in their fried foods! Additionally, with each fried chicken dish made fresh to order, customers also have the option to order up to thirteen different homemade dipping sauces. To top off this succulent experience, every fried chicken order comes with house pickles, and homemade jalapeno cornbread with honey butter! Le Bird Bar also offers gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan-friendly options. Lastly, all fried chicken orders are available from open to close, for pick-up or dine-in.


However, there is much more to Le Bird Bar than fried chicken. On their lunch menu customers can find a variety of salads and sandwiches.


Their dinner menu also features small plate options for sharing, large plate options to order as a main, and a variety of starter salads. Some of the highlights include: Fresh Shucked Oysters with Popcorn Fried Chicken, Cod Croquettes, Baked Bone Marrow, Mixed Field Greens and Buffalo Mozzarella, and so much more! To top off the night, make sure to order off of Le Bird Bar’s exquisite dessert menu - featuring irresistible homemade treats.


Lastly, their weekend brunch menu, which will soon be launched officially. Here you can find everything from Chicken N’ Waffles, Banana Waffles and Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.


To drink, Le Bird Bar has emphasized the pairing of fried chicken with champagne – evident via their drink list which features a grand variety of champagne, Prosecco, and sparkling wines. Le Bird Bar also boasts an impressive cocktail list filled with witty names. Le Bird Bar’s goal – have fun!


The Decor:

Le Bird Bar decor is the product of locally renowned interior designers – The Gauley Brothers (the team behind Atwater Cocktail Club, Notorious Barbershop, etc.). The impressive open-concept and airy space houses around 67 seats, including an impressive long marble bar complete with black velvet stools and gold accents. The environment can be described as both elegant and welcoming!


Guests should surely check out the basement that houses a vegetal wall that will soon grow herbs to be used in the kitchen.


About the Owners:

As previously mentioned, Le Bird Bar is the latest venture brought to you by Kimberly Lallouz and her invaluable partner. Kimberly Lallouz, has been a fixture in Montreal’s culinary scene for years now and is the proud owner of catering company Miss Prêt à Manger and downtown restaurant Monsieur Restaurant + Bar, and, this past spring, starred in her own cooking show on Zeste TV, “Les Garden-Partys de Kimberly” – a true “girl boss” to say the least!



1800 Notre Dame West, Montreal (QC)




Bord’Elle – Boutique Bar and Eatery

December 14th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Montrealer’s get ready…because there is a new kid in town! Bord’Elle - Boutique Bar and Eatery (390 St-Jacques West); a one of kind gem nestled in the heart of the Old Port. A new-age supper club that fuses together European boutique hotel stylings, creative cuisine and, the infectious, high-energy nightlife ambiance that Montreal is renowned for. Heavily influenced by the roaring twenties, Bord’Elle recreates the “naughty and nice” glam and grandeur of that era, while keeping sharply modern and avant-garde. The overall theme personifies “more is more”. One thing is for sure, Bord’Elle promises its customers a ROARING good time!


The Concept

Each night, as dinner service comes to an end, Bord’Elle transitions into a full-service bar and lounge, where partygoers can completely unwind until the early hours of the morning, all to the beats of locally renowned DJs!


Bord’Elle houses three distinct areas, each as vibrant as the other; yet each exceptional character enough to stand alone. First there is the Grand Foyer – which awaits just beyond the main entrance. With lavish booths surrounding the long corridors, customers are invited to take a seat where they will instantly feel at home, as they sip on cocktails and jive to the music with friends. Or, customers can opt to take a seat at the grand foyer’s centerpiece; a beautifully designed and inviting bar, with lavish embellishments reminiscent of a decadent and extravagant era long gone forever. There, you can sample fine twenties-inspired cocktails created by well-known Montreal mixologist Manny Vides Jr. Moreover, Bord’Elle’s cocktail menu also has Spanish influences – notably their Gin Bar features world-class gin and tonic concoctions created with the sharp influence and precision of Madrid.


Next there is the Whiskey Parlour, perched high above the grand foyer and overlooking the party below. Specializing in the darker spirits, some of the city’s most elaborate repertoires of scotch-whiskey dwell here; from Irish to American, from Scotland to Japan. This tufted leather-and-mahogany rich lounge has an edge that emanates sophistication and exuberance.


Lastly, there is the Champagne Room that sits playfully on its own; above all others, constantly keeping an eye on the mischief taking place below. Adorned in golden hues and sparkling rose gold accents, it is easy to become enamored with the dangerously comfortable seating. This delightful mezzanine offers a varied choice of champagnes, proseccos and private import wines, poured by the glass or bottle.


The Menu

Bord’Elle’s dinner menu is a coalescence of twenties-inspired Asian sensuality and French eccentricity with a focus on a light and healthy fare. The menu is the creation of Executive Chef Andrew Bajjani who, in a few short years, worked his way up from dishwasher, to prep, to chef de partie, to sous-chef, and, finally Executive Chef at Bord’Elle. Previously, Chef Baijani has worked at Kabana Restaurant and Bar, Mile Public House, and Champagne et Cie, to name but a few.


With Bord’Elle, Chef Baijani has developed a menu that offers a medley of tartars, canapés, sushi towers, crudités, cheese platters, charcuterie plates, caviar and oysters – all eager to pair with Bord’Elle’s various spirits and cocktails.



John Edward Gumbley (Jon Jay), along with his hospitality company, Jegantic, is the mastermind behind Bord’Elle – Boutique Bar and Eatery. John who has been a fixture in the Montreal nightlife scene for over fifteen years, is also a real estate developer, a franchise owner, runs a travel company – truly a veritable jack-of-all-trades. Under Jegantic, John is bringing the theme “more is more” straight to Bord’Elle, - a new-age take on a supper club that will redefine and elevate the scene in Old Montreal, and the city itself once again.


Address: 390 rue St-Jacques West, Montreal

Opening Hours: Thursday-Saturday: 5pm to 3am

Website: www.bordelle.ca

Beer aficionados can now find three new products from Brasserie New Deal — a craft brewery in Boucherville that's socially responsible and certified organic. They are proudly made using mostly local ingredients and can be found everywhere in Quebec.


Boldwin beer is available in:

Pale Ale Américaine – Easy to drink and accessible, with a malt base and fruity notes (apple, pear and tropical fruit), balanced and refreshing.


IPA Américaine – An orangey blonde. Complex nose and very aromatic (apricot, grapefruit, citrus, cut herbs, resinous). Good balance, a firm bitter presence that's not overwhelming with final notes of white wine, red currants and grapes.


Bitter Extra Spéciale – A British-inspired dark "rousse" ale beer with ruby highlights. Good malt composition, round with a rich mouthfeel, aromas of caramel and grilled malt balanced with a floral bitterness and moderate herb notes.

Words that turn into actions


As well as providing high-quality, local craft products, Brasserie New Deal also wants their social and environmental commitments to add to the delicious taste of excellent beer. That's why they earned Écocert organic certification this past August and are set to be fully certified by B Corp at the beginning of November. The B Corp benchmark is an independent benchmark that requires participants to conform to a set of standards when it comes to social sustainability, accountability, environmental communication, and transparency with the general public.


In its commitment to add to the collective good, Brasserie New Deal has developed partnerships to give new life to their distilling dregs, which is the barley left over from the distilling process. L'Amour du pain bakery in Boucherville has created Boldwin bread from these dregs. Plus, Québec company Oatbox, which specializes in healthy breakfasts delivered to people's homes, uses Boldwin dregs to make their energy granola, and is set to use these dregs in all their products by early 2017. Barley and wheat malt used in the production of beer is a good source of protein, fibre, minerals, and vitamins.


For more information, visit www.newdeal-brewery.com & www.boldwinbeer.com



Boldwin is finally available!

November 15th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

RATIONAL Launches the Next Generation of SelfCookingCenter®

October 24th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

October 25, 2016, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Centre de Congrès Palace (Laval)

1717 Le Corbusier Blvd.


Sysco invites you to its food show on October 25, under the theme:


This is a great opportunity to see the latest foodservice flavours, textures and trends. Explore new markets and foodservice innovations to save time and money.


  • More than 120 kiosks representing its supplier partners
  • Entertainment
  • Discounts
  • Taste Tests
  • Product demonstrations for all types of restaurants and establishments


Register now at: www.syscofoodexpo.ca


Sysco brings more to the table by bringing together under the same roof:




September 26th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

The next generation of RATIONAL units includes a compact-size SelfCookingCenter® XS as well as new, advanced technology features on the company’s existing and larger units. Will be available to purchase starting November 1st, 2016.


“We are extremely proud of the newest advances to our SelfCookingCenter® family, which—like all of our offerings—come with world-renowned RATIONAL CustomerCarePlus service,” noted Louis-Philippe Audette, President and CEO for RATIONAL Canada.


New XS Unit is Small but Mighty

At only 21 inches deep, 26 inches wide and 22 inches high, the XS is the smallest unit in RATIONAL’s SelfCookingCenter® family. The new small-format cooking system fulfills the need for a counter top size unit that can supplement larger units in a food service or commercial kitchen, or can stand alone in delis, supermarkets, convenience stores or smaller restaurants.


The unit features an integrated fresh steam generator—the only compact combi-steamer including this technology in North America. The 100 percent hygienic fresh steam guarantees maximum steam saturation, even at low temperatures.


In addition to its small footprint and steam generator technology, the SelfCookingCenter® XS has innovative features:

  • The unit’s control panel is placed on the left side next to the door, for ergonomic and safety for loading and unloading of food. At the same time, the side mounted electronics are protected from long-term damage caused by rising steam.
  • Efficient CareControl, the automatic cleaning and descaling system.


Importantly, each SelfCookingCenter® XS unit is supplied with 11 free of charge of cooking accessories in the appropriate size to provide optimal support for the preparation of all types of foods. Also new, available in 2/3 GN size; the grilling and pizza tray; diamond and grill grate for grilling vegetables or steaks; roasting and baking trays for bread rolls, pastries or pan-fried items, and the Multibaker, which is ideal for fried eggs and omelets.


Next Generation Units Offer Advanced Features, Superior Speed and Efficiency

Advanced features:

  • The completely new LED lighting provides optimal illumination of the cooking cabinet and of every single tray, from top to bottom and back to front.
  • Thanks to the energy consumption display, users will always know how much energy an individual cooking process requires and how much energy per day has been consumed. The data is visible on the display and can also be downloaded.
  • A blinking light signals which tray needs to be loaded or unloaded and when.



For more information about RATIONAL, visit: www.rationalcanada.com.






Restaurant Emiliano’s: The Revolucion!

September 15th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

The city of Montreal is a gastronomic hub known for its abundance of exquisite restaurants and diverse cuisines. Enter Restaurant Emiliano’s into the mix - a brand new establishment specializing in authentic and original Mexican cuisine. Located in the historic Old Port neighbourhood, Restaurant Emiliano’s uses ingredients and flavours from various Mexican regions – all blended with a South American twist – offering a unique taste unlike any other restaurant in the city. Welcome to their revolucion!


The Concept:

The restaurant’s name – Emiliano’s – derives from Don Emiliano Zapata, the son of a family of peasants that became the head of the Mexican Revolution in the southern part of the country. He is the inspiration behind the restaurant’s goal to change Montrealers’ typical perception of Mexican food, where tacos are regarded as the primary choice of food in Mexican culture.


Restaurant Emiliano’s also has an abundant list of Mexican-born spirits, tequila and mezcal!


The restaurant is open 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday), with a table d’hôte lunch menu offered during the weekdays, Thursday and Friday “Mexican-style” 5à7s featuring $1.50 oysters with Mexican mignonette and garnish, and a dinner menu featuring an impressive variety of authentic Mexican dishes!


The Cuisine:

From mole to cotija cheese, to fresh corn masa (dough) and tamales, Emiliano’s menu offers unique flavours that, until now, have never-before been offered at any other restaurant in Montreal.


This authentic experience is attributed to Executive Chef, Carlos Flores - from Mexico City, and, his sous-chef Ariel Canto - from Merida, Yucatan. They both employ traditional flavours, cooking techniques and presentations unique to their respective hometowns, each distinct from the other.


The Atmosphere:

Upon entering Emiliano's, customers are immediately transported into an energetic atmosphere, with colourful orange accents against classic black-and-white walls and lively Spanish music consistently being played in the background. With an open-concept kitchen, customers can feast their eyes and elevate their senses - as they watch the tastes and flavours being prepared right before their very eyes!



260 Notre Dame West, Montreal






McCain Takes a New Bite Out of Snack Time

September 7th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.


McCain introduces a satisfying new way for Canadians to snack with its game-changing McCain Marché lineup (made with wholesome, high-quality ingredients).


All McCain Marché snacks are oven-baked, never fried, made with no artificial flavours or colours, and come in a variety of choices to satisfy more tastes and cravings than ever before, including:


Harvest Pockets – the perfect balance of mouth-watering flavours and wholesome ingredients in a delicious rosemary sourdough pocket. Available in Roasted Chicken, Chicken Alfredo and Three Cheese and Spinach recipes.


Protein Pop'ables – bite-sized snacks with 14 to 23 grams of protein per serving to keep you going. Available in Chicken Parmesan, Jamaican Beef and Italian Sausage recipes.


Pizza Pockets – a Canadian favourite, these warm pizza snacks got a new look but are made with the same delicious recipe and ingredients. Available in Pepperoni, Deluxe and Three Cheese recipes.


"For nearly 60 years, McCain has proudly made some of Canadians' favourite foods and we're committed to continue introducing innovative new products, like McCain Marché, to meet changing needs and tastes," explained Vikram Bawa, Vice President, Marketing, McCain Foods.




Le Burger Week is back for its Fifth Edition!

September 1st, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

It’s that time of the year again; the time when burger aficionados gear up for the arrival of one of Montreal’s most beloved week-long food festivals – Le Burger Week! Returning in Montreal from September 1st to September 7th, Le Burger Week 2016 will also be taking place, simultaneously, in Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Two countries, seven cities, and hundreds of delicious burgers, this year’s edition is for burger lovers only – focusing on what makes a burger great, by aiming to please even the most difficult burger enthusiasts out there! The idea is simple, each participating restaurant creates a unique burger; reflective of their overall concept and cuisine. At the end of the festival, the winner in each of the following categories will be announced - the Burger of The Year, the Judge’s Choice, the Creative Award, the Tallest Burger, and the Healthiest Burger.


3 features unique to this year’s edition:

1. This year, Le Burger Week has partnered with Budweiser to present Bud and Burgers – where select participating restaurants in each city will offer their participating burger with a Budweiser at a special price!


2. Furthermore, Le Burger Week is proud to announce its partnership with ACE Bakery (www.acebakery.com), where, designated participating restaurants will be creating their specialty burgers topped with ACE Bakery buns.


3. Another feature unique to this year’s edition – Just Eat’s “Bring Le Burger Week Home Day”. On September 4th, Just-Eat.ca will be offering various Le Burger Week participating burgers for delivery at a 20% discount! All customers have to do is - go on the website, browse through the available Le Burger Week restaurants, and pick which burgers they want delivered right to their door!



To pique your interest, here are some burgers that you can try:



Jukebox Burgers’
The Georgia Burger
Burger Royal’s
Legend of the fall
Blackstrap BBQ’s
Le Pig Mac
Bâton Rouge’s
Smoky Ranch Burger


For more information regarding Le Burger Week, please visit www.leburgerweek.com.








Macbar & Fromage

July 6th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

With the city of Montreal being regarded as one of North America’s top foodie scenes, it was about time that a mac and cheese-oriented restaurant and bar be brought into the mix. Introducing Macbar et Fromage (1345 rue Ontario Ouest); Montreal’s first-ever sit-down restaurant and bar celebrating this ultimate comfort food. With an affordable menu and a vast cocktail list to enhance ones enjoyment.


About The Owners:

Macbar et Fromage is the brainchild behind two of Poutineville’s co-owners Costa Andrianos and Kosta Kariotakis, as well as Kosta’s brother Manny Kariotakis. The restaurant was first conceptualized when Kosta and Manny Kariotakis were driving back from a weekend in Toronto, and had a ‘Eureka’ moment, when they were both craving mac and cheese and couldn’t pinpoint a specific restaurant specializing in this dish. Hence, Macbar et Fromage was born!


The Cuisine:

The restaurant’s cuisine is, first and foremost, about mac and cheese. Each gourmet mac and cheese dish is cooked with a variety of fresh cheeses, accompanied with a choice of salad or fries. With eleven different mac and cheese options, customers can keep it simple and order The Classic, or they can opt to be more adventurous and choose more varied offerings – the Honey Smoked Bacon Mac (cheddar cheese, homemade hickory honey smoked bacon, caramelized onions, fresh herbs, topped with panko breadcrumbs gratiné), or - the Lisboa (cheddar cheese and chorizo garnished in a mixture of red peppers, caramelized onions and jalapenos), or – the extremely spicy MacVolcan (classic mac topped with habanero honey sauce and jalapenos) - and the list goes on!


That’s not all! On top of its large selection of gourmet mac and cheeses, Macbar et Fromage also offers a variety of grilled cheeses, gourmet burgers (cooked with, you guessed it, tons of cheese!), pasta, sandwiches and cheese-oriented appetizers!


A must for cheese lovers!






Houston Avenue Bar & Grill (Peel Street)

June 20th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Marché des Éclusiers :

A hybrid market celebrating local farmers & businesses in the heart of the Old Port

May 30th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Bec launches 2 new organic sodas

June 8th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Quebec Bec Soda celebrates the arrival of summer with two new organic sodas: Bec Lime and Bec Cranberry. Much like the original Bec Cola, which has sold close to half a million bottles, Bec Lime and Bec Cranberry are sweetened with maple syrup, giving them a lower sugar content than generic sodas. This results in fruity, festive and balanced refreshments with a taste of Quebec. Proudly made in Quebec, Bec soda ingredients are 100% local and organic, certified by Ecocert and Aliments du Québec.


Matches made in heaven

Combining the freshness of lemon with the subtle sweetness of maple, Bec Lime embodies the quintessence of a summertime drink. Lovers of lemonade will rejoice at this bubbly updated version, replacing lemon-lime flavoured sodas.


Lovers of the iconic red fruit are not forgotten with Bec Cranberry, an invigorating and slightly tart soda. "The use of organic cranberry juice, another local treasure, epitomizes Bec's mission to promote local resources," says Olivier Dionne, co-founder of Bec Soda. Its vibrant red colour is perfect for cocktails since cranberry goes well with other drinks.


The backstory

Bec Soda was born when three young Quebec entrepreneurs decided to revolutionize the soda industry with the launch of Bec Cola in August 2014. Two years later, the first maple-syrup-based soda is well established in Quebec and has spread internationally with over 800 points of sale in Switzerland, Belgium and France. Entirely locally sourced and organic, no caffeine, no synthetic or chemical dyes, or ingredients like phosphoric acid are used in the production process. "All our sodas are sweetened with pure maple syrup – "Quebec gold." That’s what gives them their unique taste," says Mr. Dionne.






Houston Avenue Bar & Grill, on June 15, was proud to officially opening up their newest location, situated in the heart of the Golden Square Mile district (2042 Peel Street, corner of Maisonneuve). The menu, as in all of the other Houston locations, has been developed by Executive Chef Joe Mercuri, and, features, only at their newest location, the exciting addition of signature lunch and evening table d’hôte selections using market fresh and seasonal ingredients. With the capacity to seat over 250 customers, the restaurant will span two floors, and is committed to bringing back a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to Peel Street. Houston Avenue Bar & Grill’s commitment to customer satisfaction and to providing dedicated employees of the highest caliber will, as with all the other locations, be at the forefront of the new Peel location’s philosophy. A philosophy, which is perfectly summed up with the restaurant group’s overarching motto – “we take your fun seriously.


The Concept:

Currently, with 11 locations across Quebec and Ontario, Houston Avenue Bar & Grill’s latest venture is dedicated to maintaining a stimulating ambiance; incorporating the highest quality menu selections, in the heart of downtown Montreal. Reinvigorated in 2012, which coincided with the arrival of Joe Mercuri as Executive Chef, Houston offers an innovative and creative cuisine that will please even the most sophisticate palate, by using fresh ingredients, top quality local fish and meats, including the finest available quality cuts.


Steve Imperioli, the Director of Marketing for Houston Canada Inc. explains – “We chose to open up our latest location on Peel Street, as we feel that the Golden Square Mile district is once again becoming a go-to eatery destination. We feel that our concept is the right fit for the demographic that works in the area during the week, both for lunch and for happy hour options, as well as a destination for the Golden Square Mile district dinner crowd, tourists, families, you name it!



2042 Peel Street, Montreal (QC), H3A 2R4






This spring, the Old Port finally has a market to call its own. Introducing - Marché Des Éclusiers (400 rue de la Commune O, corner McGill). That’s not all! This hybrid market, located directly on the water, is heavily focused on locally sourced and sustainable produce, operated solely by local small business owners, vendors and farmers. Officially launched on May 1st, 2016, straight through until November 30, 2016, Marché des Éclusiers is open seven days a week, and is fully committed to building a community celebrating all that Quebec has to offer!


Beyond the food element, there is an entertainment aspect as well. Marché des Éclusiers will also feature live music from local musicians, creating an upbeat environment.


The Decor:

Firstly, the vendor stalls and the majority of the outside furniture are designed by LA374, a custom wood furniture company located in St-Henri. Employing locally sourced wood and finished with natural linseed oil. Secondly, the Marché will also feature couches and pillows from renowned Montreal furniture company - Montauk Sofa (www.montauksofa.com) - an ecologically conscious handmade sofa company that produces furniture with no impact on the environment.


By opening up on de la Commune, the Marché is providing the Old Port neighbourhood with access to a venue that can meet their entire home shopping needs – groceries, cleaning products, take-out, you name it!


The Vendors:

First off, there is the Montreal Farmer’s Market (www.montrealfarmersmarket.com) – who will oversee a variety of local traders; all committed to serving sustainably grown and raised food to the public. Within the Montreal Farmer’s Market, customers will be able to shop for a variety of local fruits and vegetables that derive from Les Bio Locaux (www.biolocaux.coop). There will also be a sustainable seafood stall –Eileen” – which will serve oysters, smoked fish, and a variety of market fresh seafood. Next, there is the mixed stall, which will sell an abundance of dried goods, milk, honey, spices, organic cleaning products, and so forth. There will also be a flower & plant stall, selling all eco-friendly plants and wild locally harvested flowers. Furthermore, The Montreal Farmer’s Market is proud to announce that Boucherie Lawrence will be their official on-site butcher (www.boucherielawrence.com)! The renowned butcher shop, situated in the Mile-End, proudly sells 100% local and sustainable meats, charcuterie and sandwiches! Lastly, the Montreal Farmer’s Market will feature a bakery from La Petite Boulangerie (www.lapetiteboulangerie.ca) - widely regarded as one of the top bakeries within the city of Montreal.


That’s not all! The second floor of the Marché will introduce customers to VIN RX – an affordable snack bar featuring a variety of cheeses, charcuterie and wine, all from Quebec.


Next, there is Omnivore Épicerie-Traiteur (www.omnivoregrill.com) – which will provide customers with a grocery store of organic dried goods, specialty milks and butter - all gluten and lactose free! The Omnivore Épicerie-Traiteur stall will also include a grab-and-go fridge.


The Marché has also partnered with Montreal’s very own mixologists, Nectar Mixologie (www.nectarmixology.com), to introduce Nectar & Co., bar à jus, a fresh and fermented juice and spirit bar!


For all those coffee lovers out there, the Marché will feature a café from Volcanic Organic – a brand new specialty micro-roasting company and brewed coffee retailer, committed to serving everyday high quality, organic and farm-to-cup coffee.


Another exciting vendor at the Marché – Diablos BBQ Smokehouse (www.diablosbbq.com), who will provide customers with an all-day barbecue, seven days a week, and will remain open well into the night!


Finally, the co-owners of the Marché, Echo Vergil and Devin DeSousa, who also happen to be the co-owners of Fabergé (www.faberge514.com), will, beginning in June, feature weekend brunches, with the stated goal of ultimately turning this into Sunday pop-up brunches.







155 Fahrenheit :

Featuring Gourmet Burgers, Bubbly, and More!

May 20th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.


Old Port dwellers rejoice! Finally, there is a neighbourhood restaurant offering a vast menu of gourmet burger and, it’s called - 155 Fahrenheit
(42 rue McGill, corner Wellington).


155 Fahrenheit offers more than just burgers though! This restaurant also offers an eclectic selection of seasonal and seafood dishes, such as; homemade gnocchi, lobster salad, tartars, charcuterie, oysters, to name but a few. All of 155 Fahrenheit’s ingredients are locally sourced, if not grown in-house and each dish is meticulously crafted to create a juicy explosion of flavours. Creatively, 155 Fahrenheit is the first restaurant in Montreal that focuses on pairing gourmet burgers with bubbles. The homemade buns and the fries pair perfectly with the tastiness of a good cava or champagne. This theme has inspired a vast cocktail list, featuring a selection of homemade simple syrups (all made with homegrown herbs via its vertical hydroponic herb rack), which are used to create their beer, cava, and prosecco-based cocktails.


Open 7 days a week, it is the perfect location for a business lunch, a celebratory dinner, a 5à7, or even a date night. A must to try absolutely this summer!



42 rue McGill, Montréal (QC), H2Y 3W5




Celebrate Canada’s Cocktail on May 19th!

May 18th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.


On May 19th, Canadians will paint their town red with Caesar celebrations in honour of Canada’s signature cocktail, the Caesar. This year marks the second annual National Caesar Day, which fittingly falls each year on the Thursday before the May 2-4 long weekend – Canada’s unofficial kick-off to summer. This year, the celebrations have multiplied as more than 200 bars and restaurants from coast-to-coast will celebrate with special Caesar promotions, coupled with Caesar loving Canucks hosting their own celebrations at home.


For more information, visit: www.nationalcaesarday.com






Preparation:Rim glass with a lime slice, dip in Mott’s Clamato Rimmer. Add Smoke Show Hot Sauce, Habanero & Maple Hot Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce to glass. Pour in Iceberg Vodka, add ice and fill glass Mott’s Clamato. Top with stout. Garnish with a celery stick, olives, cucumber and maple sugar cone.Caesar québécois : César su’a Well!

By Kate Boushel, Montreal

1.5 oz. Iceberg Vodka

5 oz. Mott’s Clamato

6-8 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce

Barspoon of Smoke Show Hot Sauce

2-3 dashes of Habanero & Maple Hot Sauce

Lime slice

Celery stick


Cucumber slice

Maple sugar cone




Preparation:Moisten rim of glass with lime wedge and dip into celery salt. Add ice and all ingredients to a glass, stir and garnish with a celery stick.Follow the 1-2-3-4-5 rule for creating the
Classic Caesar

1.5 oz. Iceberg Vodka

2 Dashes of Hot Sauce

3 Dashes of Salt and Pepper

4 Drops of Worcestershire sauce

5 oz. Mott’s Clamato Cocktail

A lime slide

Celery salt

Celery branch

New Rosé Chartier 2015

May 10th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.


Garnering 25 years of traveling vineyards around the world and tasting over 60,000 wines, Quebecer François Chartier “Créateur d’harmonies” innovates with its “new” wine, Le Rosé Chartier 2015.


The ever-industrious Chartier marks the maturity of his work in the vineyard and at the cellar with a revamped visual identity for his “New Chartier wines”. The first bottles reflecting this maturity adorn the new labels conveying Chartier’s deep respect for the land.


Le Rosé Chartier initiated from the superb Languedoc 2015 vintage. Chartier developed his rosé at Clos des Augustins, a biodynamic culture area located in the Pic Saint-Loup region. The new vintage is more sustained and sophisticated than the 2014 and 2013 vintages, given the selection of ancient Grenache vines complemented by a higher proportion of Syrah to spice and enhance the aromatic profile of this ever-popular rosé. The 2015 vintage is more textured and more generous, but always aromatic and captivating. The “new” Rosé Chartier will undoubtedly be the darling of summer 2016!


More “New” Chartier Wines

Over summer 2016, new Chartier vintages will reach the SAQ shelves. The Fronsac, Côtes du Rhône, and Blanc Pays d’oc IGP will also reflect the evolution Chartier’s work on the land and in the cellar with artisan winemakers and display the new brand. New wines from Tuscany and SpainRibera del Duero and Verdejo de Rueda—will follow in the fall of 2016, completing the collection of 7 “new” wines sold at SAQ.


Discover Chartier’s wines, visit: www.francoischartier.ca/en/


($19.00; SAQ code 12253099)



Do You Know Dose, the Healthy Juices?

May 4th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.


Dose offers cold-pressed and completely organic juices. Which means that they are not heated, heat pasteurized, or chemically treated. By applying thousands of pounds of pressure, the Norwalk juicer keeps all of the nutrients intact, allowing your body to quickly absorb everything. This method extracts up to five times the amount of nutrients than most other juicers.


In addition, they are made with 100% raw & organic fruits and vegetables–nothing else. This company also buys from local producers wherever possible… And of course, last thing to underline, they are all simply delicious!!!




Grilled Cheese Festival

May 2nd, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Bread, cheese and love! A delicious grilled cheese awaits you in one of participating restaurants (from April 29 to
May 8 2016) and don’t forget to rate the restaurant you tried! www.grilledcheesefestival.com


Here are some participating restaurants:

4th Annual Yelloweek ‘‘CLICQUOT JOURNEY”

April 28th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Quebec-Made & Ecological Cleaners

April 26th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Veuve Clicquot, Canada’s most popular champagne, is pleased to announce that Yelloweek is back for the fourth consecutive year. Yelloweek will take place simultaneously in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia from May 1 to 7.


“Yelloweek is an absolute must for anyone who loves Veuve Clicquot champagne! This week is inspired by the history of the Veuve Clicquot brand and its founder, Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin. Widowed in 1805 at the age of 27, she took over the reins of her husband’s estate to avoid financial ruin. After overcoming countless obstacles, Madame Clicquot became one of the most powerful businesswomen of the 19th century, creating an internationally renowned luxury brand based on artisanal methods and exceptional-quality products.


Yelloweek 2016 will include a series of festive, gourmet events, and each Province.


Yellow BRUNCH: May 1 at Buonanotte restaurant.


Yellow TABLE: is an adventure for your taste buds, featuring a specially designed Veuve Clicquot pairing menu at the finest restaurants.


(May 3 at L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel, May 4 at Jellyfish Crudo + Charbon, May 5 at Tapas 24, May 6 at Monsieur Restaurant + Bar, and May 7 at Soubois.)


Yellow BY THE GLASS: where Veuve Clicquot aficionados can raise a flute of champagne to celebrate Yelloweek, while nibbling on hors d’oeuvres created by the chef at each establishment.


(From May 1 to 7 in the following establishments: Red Tiger, Renoir, Ê.A.T., Flyjin, Mayfair, MKT, and Mimi la Nuit in Montreal, and Savini in Quebec City.)


Yellow NIGHT: will capture Veuve Clicquot’s festive spirit with extravagant soirées fit for royalty.


(May 6 at Moomba Theater in Laval and May 7 at Soubois in Montreal.)


Yellow HOTEL: From May 1 to 7 at Le Germain Hotel in Montreal and Toronto.



For details, please visit: http://yelloweek.com.

Developed and manufactured 100% in Quebec, cleaning products made by Si-Mart are environmentally friendly... and efficient! The company located near Quebec City is proud to offer natural, biodegradable, non-corrosive and non-toxic products. Perfect for safe use, the line of cleaning products has been designed to meet current concerns of people in terms of maintenance.


"Whether it is for cleaning surfaces or for using an all-purpose degreaser, we believe in the importance of performing the work safely and respect the environment," says Martin Caron, President of Si-Mart. To achieve this, the company has created a wide range of products that maintain a safe and healthy environment for the user without being harmful to nature.



Surface Cleaning Products

Use our cleaners to give your surfaces the desired shine and to prolong their life. Make your maintenance easier with our complete line of 100% natural, biodegradable products that also eliminate static. Si-Mart has developed top quality products to clean every surface: varnished hardwood flooring, floating wood floors, mat ceramic, glossy ceramic and vinyl floors.




All-Purpose Degreaser

Bio-Extrak is tough on dirt and grime. It replaces and surpasses the cleaning products you’re used to using, while being 100% natural and biodegradable. This all-purpose degreaser is a bactericide, a fungicide and a germicide. Yes, it destroys bacteria, eliminates fungus and kills germs! Perfect 4-in-1 format to start using Bio-Extrak! The kit contains a bottle of concentrate, as well as ready-to-use dilutions 2, 3 and 4. Two removable swabs as well as a dropper are also included in the kit.




Chef Jérôme Ferrer Unveiled this Week
his 2 Food Trucks

April 22nd, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.



Inaugurated last Wednesday in the afternoon, April 20th, in Montreal, Europea group launched not one, but two food trucks: Europea Mobile and Jerry Mobile.


Since then, the trucks crisscross the streets of Montreal by the route assigned by the city. This is an excellent opportunity to discover the know-how and the gourmet philosophy of Jérôme Ferrer, and this, at low prices.


It is even possible for event organizers as well as individuals to contact the team via europea.ca to reserve their trucks for private events, birthdays, weddings and other catering services.


Introducing NEW fermented vegan proteins+

April 19th, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Bonterra PART of your Earth Day

April 21st, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.

Bonterra Organic Vineyards is proud to announce its partnership with Canadian Environmental Organization Evergreen.


To celebrate Earth Day, Bonterra commits to donate $1 to Evergreen for every bottle of Cabernet-Sauvignon sold at the SAQ until April 23rd. Available in over 250 SAQ at $19.95. A gift to the environment and a lasting partnership for ecology!


Bonterra is taking action with this partnership with Evergreen, to encourage social awareness to help create greener, more sustainable cities during Earth Day Month.


ABOUT Bonterra

At Bonterra, we grow wine organically and sustainably, treating the land with deep respect. We plant native flowers around our grapes to attract beneficial bugs, and welcome songbirds and chickens into our vineyards to eat up pests. We even employ sheep to mow between the vines. In our vineyards, every living thing is connected and we all work together to create pure, flavorful wine.


For more information on Bonterra: www.bonterra.com


Easy Poached Salmon with Spring Herb Yogurt Sauce

Poached salmon is the epitome of spring. It’s delicate and rich—and surprisingly easy when shallow poached on a bed of herbs. Pair with Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc. For the complete recipe: http://www.bonterra.com/easy-poached-salmon-with-spring-herb-yogurt-sauce.


Crostini with Wine-Glazed Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

The sauteed mushrooms in this dish are super versatile. Serve them as a side, folded into an omelet, as a topping for pizza or on pasta or polenta. For the complete recipe: http://www.bonterra.com/crostini-with-wine-glazed-mushrooms-and-goat-cheese.

Protein supplements have become a staple for many individuals looking to sustain a healthy lifestyle – from body builders to nutritionists incorporating them into their daily routine, their breakfast smoothie, muffin preparations, pancakes, etc. Vegan proteins have gained popularity with health conscious consumers, but have been known to produce side effects including digestive distress and bloating. To address this issue, Genuine Health introduced a new product that has shaken up the protein supplement landscape – fermented vegan proteins+. This is a unique plant‐powered formula made up of seven carefully selected, high‐quality fermented plant‐based ingredients, including organic quinoa sprouts. This revolutionary formula provides 20g of highly absorbable protein per serving. So, why not add a high-protein smoothie option to your menu for breakfast? It will please to many of your customers!


Key Benefits:

● No bloating!

● Strengthens gut & digestive health.

● Maximizes protein & nutrient absorption.

● All‐natural and non‐allergenic with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.

● Made with non‐GMO ingredients.


Available in Natural Vanilla, Natural Chocolate, and Unsweetened & Unflavoured.


Also available in bars with 14 grams of protein: Dark Chocolate Almond, Double Chocolate Chip, Lemon Coconut and Peanut Butter Chocolate.





Raspberry Cacao Protein Muffins

Makes 12 standard muffins



• 2 tbsp chia seeds, soaked in 5 tbsp water

• 1 cup spelt flour

• 1⁄2 cup cocoa powder (or cacao powder)

• 2 scoops fermented Vegan proteins+ unflavoured

• 1⁄2 cup almond flour

• 1⁄2 cup coconut sugar

• 3⁄4 tsp baking soda

• 1⁄4 tsp sea salt

• 1 1⁄2 cup unsweetened almond milk

• 3 Tbsp coconut oil, melted

• 12 raspberries



1. Preheat oven to 350F and grease a standard muffin tin with small amount of coconut oil.

2. In a small bowl soak chia seeds in 5 tbsp of water. Allow to sit for at least 5 minutes until gel forms.

3. In a large mixing combine spelt flour, cocoa powder, fermented Vegan proteins+, almond flour, coconut sugar, baking soda, and sea salt. Add almond milk, coconut oil, and chia mixture. Stir to combine.

4. Divide mixture amongst muffin cups. Place a raspberry in each cup gently covering with batter.

5. Bake for 25 minutes, or until cake tester comes out clean.

6. Allow muffins to cool slightly in tin, before removing and transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

OIKOS CREATIONS: The Ultimate Dream Snack

March 23rd, 2016 - by Magazine Chef & Co.


Danone’s Oikos brand of Greek yogurt, the Canadian leader in its category, is proud to announce the launch of Oikos Creations. Available in four delicious flavours - Banana Choco, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Choco and Coco Flakes - this new line of gourmet Greek yogurt will tempt the taste buds with a delectable and indulgent flavour profile.


Nutritious Yogurts Inspired by the Greek Tradition

With this new product, Danone continues to develop its Greek yogurt brand, inspired by the Hellenic tradition. Greek yogurt’s rich and creamy texture was once the result of filtration, but today, thanks to innovative new processes, Oikos is created using a separation method that produces yogurt with the same smooth texture using three ingredients: milk, cream and active cultures. Because Oikos requires three times more milk than regular yogurt, the final product is even more nutritious. Furthermore, with 7 to 10 grams of protein per 100 grams, Oikos provides more protein than Danone’s regular yogurt.


Oikos Créations

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